Afrosiyob train timetable

In September 2011, the first high-speed train in Central Asia “Afrosiyob” was put into operation in the direction of Tashkent-Samarkand. The train carriages have all the requirements for a comfortable journey for passengers. All cabins are equipped with soft, comfortable seats with adjustable backrest, table and footrest, built-in audio-video module, monitors for watching video and audio trailers, each seat is equipped with a lamp for reading. The windows of the cabins are made of insulating laminated glass and are equipped with sunshades. A comfortable climate is maintained in the cabin regardless of the season.

All cabins have clothes hangers and free space for storing large luggage. There are luggage racks above the cabin seats. Passengers can enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or refreshments in the bistro car and are offered a menu with a wide selection of oriental and European dishes. All areas of the train are non-smoking. All carriages have a display that provides information about the train’s route, the carriage number, the temperature in the cabin and the current speed. The cabins have carpeting, which provides comfort and good noise insulation.

All conditions for disabled people are also provided in the carriages. In the 3rd carriage of the train there is a place with a secure anchorage for wheelchairs. The seat is equipped with a button to call the steward. There is a special toilet for wheelchair users nearby. All areas of the Afrosiyob train have the same floor level, making it easier to move wheelchairs.

Here you can buy an Afrosiyob train ticket and travel quickly and comfortably through the cities of Uzbekistan. The Afrosiyob express train runs regular daily trips to Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent. Below you can find the current train timetable for the Afrosiyob high-speed train. We can buy train tickets for the Afrosiyob train for you and deliver them to your hotel.

Tashkent → Samarkand

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№762F Daily 07:28 09:42
№7603 Daily 08:00 10:08
№766F Daily 18:50 20:58

Samarkand → Tashkent

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№761F Daily 17:28 19:42
№7593 Daily 18:00 20:10
№765F Daily 06:37 08:47

Tashkent → Bukhara

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№762F Daily 07:28 11:19
№766F Daily 18:50 22:39

Bukhara → Tashkent

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№761F Daily 15:50 19:42
№765F Daily 04:55 08:47

Samarkand → Bukhara

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№762F Daily 09:50 11:19
№766F Daily 21:08 22:39

Bukhara → Samarkand

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№761F Daily 15:50 17:20
№765F Daily 04:55 06:27

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