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Afrosiyob Train Timetable

Afrosiyob train timetable: Comfortable travelling through Uzbekistan

In September 2011, the inaugural run of Central Asia’s first high-speed train, the “Afrosiyob,” commenced service on the Tashkent-Samarkand route. Designed with passenger comfort in mind, the train carriages boast state-of-the-art amenities. Each cabin features plush, adjustable seats equipped with a table, footrest, and built-in audio-video module. Passengers can enjoy entertainment on individual monitors, complemented by a reading lamp for added convenience. The cabin windows are crafted from insulating laminated glass and feature sunshades, ensuring a pleasant journey regardless of external conditions.

Storage space is plentiful in all cabins, with dedicated clothes hangers and luggage racks conveniently situated above the seats. For refreshments, passengers can visit the bistro car, offering a diverse menu of oriental and European cuisine, along with tea, coffee, and other beverages. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the train, maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for all passengers. Each carriage is equipped with a display providing essential information such as the train’s route, cabin number, temperature, and current speed. Additionally, the cabins are adorned with carpeting, enhancing comfort and providing effective noise insulation throughout the journey.

In the Afrosiyob train, provisions for disabled individuals are comprehensive. The 3rd carriage of the train features a designated area with secure anchorage for wheelchairs. Each seat is equipped with a call button to summon the steward, ensuring accessibility. Additionally, a specialized toilet for wheelchair users is conveniently located nearby. The uniform floor level across all sections of the Afrosiyob train facilitates smooth wheelchair movement.

Experience swift and comfortable travel through Uzbekistan’s cities by purchasing an Afrosiyob train ticket here. The Afrosiyob express train operates daily, providing regular trips to Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent. Refer below for the current Afrosiyob high-speed train Timetable. We will gladly organise the booking of train tickets for “Afrosiyob” for you and send them to you electronically.

Tashkent → Samarkand

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№762F Daily 07:28 09:42
№7603 Daily 08:00 10:08
№766F Daily 18:50 20:58

Samarkand → Tashkent

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№761F Daily 17:28 19:42
№7593 Daily 18:00 20:10
№765F Daily 06:37 08:47

Tashkent → Bukhara

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№762F Daily 07:28 11:19
№766F Daily 18:50 22:39

Bukhara → Tashkent

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№761F Daily 15:50 19:42
№765F Daily 04:55 08:47

Samarkand → Bukhara

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№762F Daily 09:50 11:19
№766F Daily 21:08 22:39

Bukhara → Samarkand

Nr.  Day Dep Arrival
№761F Daily 15:50 17:20
№765F Daily 04:55 06:27

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