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Große Zentralasien Reise
$ 3,160$ 3,060
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Usbekistan Rundreise
$ 1,345$ 1,275
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Kasachstan Reise
$ 1,585$ 1,505
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Usbekistan - Berge, Natur und Kultur
$ 1,430$ 1,355
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Afrosiyob train timetable

In September 2011, the first high-speed train in Central Asia “Afrosiyob” was put into operation in the direction of Tashkent-Samarkand. The train carriages have all the requirements for a comfortable …

Legend of Shahi Zinda

Samarkand – there is no other city in the Orient that equals it in beauty. The best paper in the world is made in Samarkand. A non-handmade paper called “juwaz” …

Uzbek clothes

The specificity of indigenous peoples’ clothing has long been determined by climatic and domestic conditions and tribal traditions. In the 19th century, clothing (robes, dresses and shirts) still retained features …