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Große Zentralasien Reise
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Usbekistan Rundreise
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Kasachstan Reise
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Tales of Hodja Nasreddin

The Tales of Hodja Nasreddin clearly show how the ways of a master lead to the way of Allah. When he saves others, he does not forget his own good. …

Khodja Nasreddin

There are probably quite a few people who have never heard of Khodja Nasreddin, especially in the Muslim Orient. His name is mentioned in friendly conversations, in political speeches and …

Jaloliddin Manguberdi

Jaloliddin Manguberdi (Jalal al-Dunya wa-din Abu-l-Muzaffar Mankburni ibn Muhammad) (1199-1231) was the last Shah of Khorezmia (from 1220) and the eldest son of Ala al-Din Muhammad II and his Turkmen …