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Große Zentralasien Reise
$ 3,160$ 3,060
3% Off

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Kasachstan Reise
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Usbekistan - Berge, Natur und Kultur
$ 1,430$ 1,355
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Legend of Bibi-Hanum and the Snake

Legend has it that one day a dervish came to Bibi-Hanum and during a conversation predicted, among other things, her death by a spider bite. Bibi-Hanum, who was not embarrassed …

Legend about the building of the mosque Bibi-Khanum

Bibi-Khanum was Temur’s favourite wife and the most beautiful woman in his Harem. When Temur left for one of his campaigns, she had the idea of giving him a gift …

Legend of Amir Temur

The Emir of Shakhrisabz Bekbuwa invited an astrologer to his house one evening and asked him: “Tell me, learned soothsayer, who shall wrest power from me over this land!”. And …