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Our team has developed over the years. We have members who have been with us since the beginning of our activity, as well as members who joined with us later. The peculiarity of our activity is that we train new employees in the field of tourism from year to year. Although some members of staff will not work in our ranks later, it is clear that this will be an important staff for Central Asian tourism. Many of our former members are in constant contact with us, give us the advice we need and seek our advice. We would like to thank our members who have contributed to the formation of this team, and wish them every success in their future activities! Please contact us if you are interested in our activities, if you would like to do an internship in our young and friendly team or if you just want to get to know us. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to get to know us on your trip to our region, as we will definitely meet you personally on your trip. Our young team wants to present the fairytale sights of our own country and and Central Asia to the whole world. Turkestan Travel has many new tourism-related ideas. Visit the Central Asian countries and discover Central Asia for yourself!

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Akhror Shermatov

Sales & Marketing Manager

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E-Mail: ahror@turkestantravel.com