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Historical Merits of Amir Temur

Historians point to the two great Merits that the military genius Amir Temur has unwillingly rendered to the peoples of Europe:
– Firstly, he indirectly helped Russia to get rid of the Tatar-Mongolian sphere of influence for good, after he dealt an irreparable blow to the armies of the Golden Horde on Terek in 1395 and crushed its capital Sarai Berke.
– Secondly, in 1402, he defeated the troops of the Ottoman Sultan Bayazed in the battle of Ankara and, by taking him prisoner, postponed the Turkish conquest of Constantinople by almost 50 years.

– After the brilliant victory over Sultan Bayezid I in the Battle of Ankara in 1402, the Western countries saw the image of Amir Temur as the savior of Europe. Hence the great interest in his personality in the literature and historiography of that time, – said Professor of the University of San Pablo Antonio Marcos Alonso in his speech at the seminar on “The role of Amir Temur in world history”, which was recently held in the Spanish capital Madrid on the occasion of the 679th anniversary of Sahibkiran.

In this context, it should be pointed out that our great ancestor left his descendants the code of laws on the administration of the state “The Order of Timur” (“Temur Tuzuklari”).

The historical Merits of Amir Temur also lie in the fact that his descendants maintained relative peace and stability for more than 100 years, which served as an important basis for supporting trade and economic development of the state, which provided financial incentives for the development of science, culture, literature, art, creative potential of the people.

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