Kirk Kiz - die Legende von den Krieger - Mädchen, Kirk Kiz - la Leggenda delle Ragazze Guerriere, Kirk Kiz - the Legend of the Warrior Girls, Kirk Kiz - la Légende des Filles Guerrières, Кирк Киз - легенда о девушках - воительницах

Kirk Kiz – the Legend of the Warrior Girls

Kirk Kiz – the legend of the Warrior Girls: A story of courage and determination

For thousands of years, legends of fearless women, the Amazons, have fascinated history. Numerous armies have fallen before the warrior women, and the legend of the Kirk-Kiz¹ (forty warrior girls) of Samarkand remains alive among the people.

According to the legend, the Kirk-Kiz were stationed in the fortress of Kirk-Kiz-Tepe when an enemy army approached the walls and began to besiege the fortress¹. Led by their leader Gauhar, the girls of Samarkand rose up to defend the fortress.

For days and nights, they repelled the enemy’s attacks and many enemies fell on the battlefield. But the ranks of the female warriors thinned until only Gauhar and a few girls remained. Without reinforcements, they prepared to defend the city.

The fortress lay in flames, the groans and cries of despair filling the air as the walls lay in ruins. Hope seemed to have deserted the defenders. But Gauhar resolutely gathered the last arrows from their quivers and successfully hit the enemy warriors.

When she ran out of arrows, the brave warrior left the fortress, mortally wounded. The enemy warriors, ready to overwhelm the defenders, froze as if paralysed. Slowly, Gauhar rose, her helmet stained with blood, falling from her head, her braids scattered across her armour.

Raising her sword, she spoke through tears, “I am Gauhar, my comrades fell in battle, and I challenge your warlord to a duel.”

The army responded with a stunned roar. No one had ever fought so bravely against a mighty army.

The leader gave the girl a piercing look and his lips whispered, “I wish I had warriors like that.”

He dismounted his horse, walked politely towards Gauhar, looked deep into her eyes and realised that he would not be able to conquer Samarkand and would meet his end here.

The commander bowed his head and kissed Gauhar’s hand. He turned to his warriors and shouted loudly: “I have seen the jewel of Samarkand and I am satisfied with what I have seen. Let us return home!”

The army murmured in agreement and as they mounted their horses, the riders disappeared from sight.

The brave Gauhar looked at the last enemy warrior and felt relief when she saw them disappear behind the horizon and leave Samarkand. At this crucial moment, the riders of the fortress rushed to the Amazons’ aid. Gauhar, relieved, bowed her head and whispered, “At last!” – Then she staggered backwards and fell to the ground.

Her body was covered in scars and a trickle of scarlet blood dripped from her lips. The faces of her parents flashed before her closed eyes: the memories of her mother baking flatbread, the stories of her father, the visits to the market with her sister, the tender words of her fiancé – all flickered before Gauhar’s dull gaze. As she gazed at the steppe, the gardens and the city of Samarkand.

¹The fortress of forty girls

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