Kalon Minor - Bukhara, Legende vom Minarett Kalon, Legend of Kalon Minaret, Légende du Minaret Kalon, Легенда о Минарете Калон

Legend of Kalon Minaret

Legend of Kalon Minaret: a legacy of splendor and spirituality in Bukhara

Many legends are associated with the tallest minaret in Central Asia, the Kalon Minaret in Bukhara. The Kalon Minaret is called the Great Tower, but it also has another name, the Tower of Death. The tower used to be used to throw down those condemned by the Khan. Legend of the Minaret Kalon tells of the girls who were executed by the Khan.

One legend of the Minaret Kalon says that in ancient times there was a Shah. He was cruel and unpredictable. He was a bad ruler and spent all his time enjoying himself. The Shah had a wife who tried to help the people and improve the situation in the state. But she did it secretly for fear of her husband. One day the secret was exposed and the angry Shah ordered his wife to be thrown down from the Tower of Death. She was a clever woman. On the eve of her execution, she asked her husband to fulfil her last wish. He gave his consent.

On the day of execution, the woman put on all her clothes and skirts and climbed the tower with her head held high. All the people gathered around the minaret to bid farewell to their beloved ruler. The wise woman calmly stood on the edge of the minaret and jumped down. The people froze, but in the same second shouts of “Oh, the miracle” rang out in the crowd. The woman did not die because her curls inflated with a parachute and let her sink gently to the ground. The Shah acknowledged his wife’s courage and bravery and cancelled the execution.

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