Boysun Bahori

Folklore Festival “Boysun Bahori”

Every year in April the traditional Folklore Festival “Boysun Bahori” takes place in the idyllic Village Padang, Boysun Region. The Festival Boysun Bahori is a festival of incomparable cultures! In the modern age, unique customs and traditions are sometimes lost, and only in areas away from the big cities can the special culture still be recognized. The purpose of this festival is to collect and present the heritage of the past, which is carefully preserved not only in Boysun but also in other regions of Uzbekistan. In 2001, UNESCO recognised the Boysun culture as a “masterpiece of oral and spiritual cultural heritage”. And in 2002 the first folklore festival “Boysun bahori” took place. The area of Boysun is very beautiful in spring when the surrounding mountains are covered with green and flowering meadows – that is why this event is held at this time of the year and is therefore called “Boysun bahori” (Boysun spring). In the foothills of the Boysun district, at the place of the event, there is a large camp with yurts and artisan counters, where the guests of the festival have the opportunity to get acquainted not only with folklore traditions and performances, but also with handicraft creations of Uzbek architectural artists, with splendid national costumes and of course with the delicious Uzbek cuisine. National melodies were played on the open-air stage of the camp, performed by folklore groups and solo artists from all over the country.

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